Maybelline SuperStay 24 Lip Color 

​Another product I received through Influenster. 

I actually already had this product from a previous purchase I made awhile ago when I was in desperate need for a bright red – Keep Up the Flame – pictured here:

The  first photo is “Constant Toast” which is a color I hadn’t tried. It was a little too light for my style but great for a casual look. 

This lipstick doesn’t quite last  24 hours. That being said, it does go on well and if you avoid licking your lips or rubbing them together you’ll be okay for a night out.  

For best results make sure you exfoliate and allow  each layer to dry completely before  applying a new one. It is a bit drying but the gloss stick takes care of it. 

On a scale of 5 I would rate it a 4.5. It does hold up well and the colors are awesome. It’s also not as drying as some other all day lipsticks.


Mac N Cheese Please? 

Now that the wedding chaos is over I finally have time to get back into normal life.   

I’m gonna take it slow getting back into this blogging thing but know that I have TONS of wedding related things to share and a new Influenster product!  

First I want to focus on this cook book.  I’m going to tag this under product review and recipe bc well it’s not really a recipe but it is related and after all that’s what I’m after. 

I received Chrissy Teigans Cravings cookbook from my cousin at my bridal shower and immediately marked every recipe I wanted to try. I have become kind of obsessed with her over the recent years because she seems to be so laid back and fun.  She’s a close second to Beyoncé in my mind 😜 

One of the most appealing things about the book is the variety and the not so good for you recipes.  My first two must haves were the Mac n cheese and French toast casserole but I would guess I have a good 30 or so recipes marked to try. 

I wanted to do this write up because unfortunately…. as much as I hate to say it, I was let down by the macaroni and cheese recipe.  I LOVE CREAMY MAC AND GARLIC! What is wrong with me 😢

My husband and I spent two great weeks in Thailand. After a few days all I wanted was CHEESE!! I literally was having dreams of coming home to make this and would talk about it daily.  Maybe I built up the hype too much? Maybe I did something wrong in the process but this Mac n cheese just wasn’t cheesy enough for me. 

I’m not 100% sure but everything looked right and I followed directions. The recipe was a little too much cream and not enough cheese in my opinion. 

I literally felt like something was wrong with me. I googled “didn’t like Chrissy Teigans Mac N Cheese” to make sure I wasn’t alone.

Well …apparently I am alone 😑 but I did see that there is a John Vs. Chrissy Mac and Cheese battle so I have been inspired.  She said everyone compliments his so much but that she doesn’t get it bc it should be creamy!! I SO agree but now, because my husband loves baked Mac n cheese and we were sort of let down, I’m going to have to try the other side. 

Despite choosing one of his songs as our first dance, I am not one of those girls who swoons over John. I prefer to worship Chrissy bc we all know who really keeps who on track and together  in a relationship. 

This is a really hard thing for me to accept that I didn’t like something of hers. The only thing to make it better is to hope I don’t like his either 😆 but I’m on a mission to find my favorite and forever Mac N Cheese so I can’t discriminate. 

I’ll be back with an update on my Mac N Cheese adventure and I’ll let you know how John ends up in the running. 

I do want to say that just because it didn’t work out with the Mac n cheese, we did love the meatloaf and the stovetop porkchops so the book is a hit in our household. 

 I still have high hopes for the French toast casserole which will be on our next grocery list.  ☺️ 

Anyways- what I really came for. What’s YOUR go to Mac N Cheese recipe? have you tried Cravings? What was your favorite?