Welcome to Goulash.

Why “Goulash.”?

I’ve wanted to start a blog for a few years now but I couldn’t figure out what exactly to blog about. After I started thinking about topics, I realized I have many interests (i.e. cooking, reading, gaming, traveling, crafting).

So I thought, “Why not a website with multiple blogs?”.

Then a name.

How DO you choose a blog name?

After searching on the Internet, I decided to try words that I would use describe my topics. I quickly realized that I can’t summarize it. – It’s a mixture!

Then I did what I always do. I turned to the trusty thesaurus, typed in “mixture” and BAM. “GOULASH!”. I LOVE GOULASH!!! So there you have it. That is why I chose “Goulash.”

In all seriousness, Goulash is a delicious MIXTURE of things and I think my topics, while different, are relatable. So here we go. I hope you enjoy “Goulash.” as much as I do.

– Lindsay


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