Holy Signage!

Have you ever seen all the wedding signs on Pinterest? Cute right? 

Once we got into planning I realized just how many signs we will need. I’ve gotten a few done but still have a long way to go. 

The  signs you will need of course depend on venue, activities, etc. 

I’ve got the following on my list but I’m sure there will be more. 

  • Welcome 
  • Ceremony
  • Menu
  • Games/activities
  • Directional 
  • Social media
  • Ring bearer 
  • Our story 

I’ve also got bridal party intro and memorial on my list but I’m not so sure those will qualify as signs. 

So like I said there are signs all over Pinterest but once again if you have a silhouette machine, you’re golden.  It also ended up being cheaper because the ones online go for about $45 a piece! 

I picked up a few chalkboards and wooden poles from Hobby Lobby to put them in the ground but I also happen to have some really thick black cardstock laying around so I’ve been using that too(hello free!).  

I used US Cutter to order the vinyl. They have some pretty good deals. I ended up with 6 rolls,  15 ft each of adhesive vinyl and 2 rolls of iron on for almost $100. 

Now you can make your signage as simple or intracite as you want but remember you will have to weed your design and sometimes smaller designs are harder. 

Again, I made this project more complicated by having some of the words be multiple colors. You really don’t have to do that to make them look good. 

How did I do it?

I started by creating a file through Adobe Illustrator but you can use the silhouette software too. 

Type in your text, have the machine cut the design and get to weeding!

After you’ve weeded (removed what you don’t need) you just place the design on transfer paper and then put on the board  

Now my fiancé will tell you I’m not the neatest person when it comes to anything so I didn’t measure or try to make sure it was straight but you probably should take the time to do so 😜 I wasn’t as concerned just because I know people will walk past them and likely not look back. 

The wedding party sign is actually my favorite but I won’t post that until I finish the border and blur out the names to protect those whose names are on it.  

In the meantime check out our yummy menu! I got this chalk board on sale for $8 at hobby lobby! 





One thought on “Holy Signage!

  1. Jenny Donovan says:

    I love your ideas for cooking. I came across your blog after hearing about it from Mark. He is such a sweet guy. You are a lucky girl. Best of luck on your wedding planning.


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