Have any of you heard of Influenster? I recently joined in September and have enjoyed every minute so far. This is a website that uses your interests and likes to send you products that you may enjoy.

Once you receive the products you leave reviews and share them on various platforms of social media.  I know its annoying to see people trying to sell things on your newsfeed but I view this a little differently. I’m not really trying to get you to buy anything. I am letting you know what I think is a good product and what isn’t. You never know if you’ve been looking for something similar to what I’ve been trying.

Its worth taking a look.

So for my first post on my products page I want to talk about the #SpiceVoxBox I received. First of all, as I mentioned, I JUST signed up. Within weeks I had a box at my door. Once I opened it  I saw the following products:

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 7.36.07 PM.png

  • Good Health – Veggie Stix
    • These were so delicious! As a girl with a serious potato chip addiction, these are the perfect solution. My anti-veggie fiancé loves them too.
  • Sinful Shine – Gel Tech Nail Polish
    • I loved this polish. The color was awesome and it was easy to apply
  • Foot Petals –  Give ‘Em The Boot Inserts
    • These are a must have. Especially for winter. One problem with a lot of winter boots is that they aren’t water proof. Put these inserts in your rain boots and your problem is solved!
  • Not Your Mothers – Whip It Up
    • I recommend all Not Your Mothers products. They last long and do exactly what they are meant for. This mousse was so lightweight and smelled great
  • Soap Box – Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner
    • I really like that this company gives back. There is a code on each bottle that you can enter to help out those in need. My bottles helped provide clean water to kids in Thailand which was extra awesome because we are planning to visit there next year!
  • Boots Botanics – Moisturizing Cream
    • This product changed my life. Since were getting into winter my skin has been drying out. I used this on my face and it solved my problems. No breakouts either!
  • Yogi -Sweet Tangerine & Vanilla Spice Tea
    • I am a tea drinker but not much for flavors. I tried the sweet tangerine. I was worried it was going to be too overpowering but the orange was actually a nice touch. I don’t know that I liked it enough to buy it again but for those of you who enjoy citrus teas this is a good one to try.

Cant wait to see whats next from @influenster!