Bridal Shower 

Well we did it. We survived our first wedding event! The best part was I didn’t have to do anything other than show up. 

I’m a control freak so my mom figured it would be funny to not let me in on anything. Little did she know, I actually preferred it because it was one less thing for me to worry about. 

She of course went above and beyond as usual so I figured I would share some of what she did. Two of my bridesmaids helped her a bit 😜. 

First off, it was a wine themed shower at Quails Crossing in Columbus. It’s a cute little winery in Clintonville. I’m not usually a fan of Ohio wines or white but they had some really good options as far as reds I wish I could’ve tried some more.  Surprisingly the Pinot Noir was not my favorite here. I recommend the Rich & Famous Nebbiolo. 

So here’s a break down of the rest. 


Wine tasting


They chose 6 wines for us to taste and each person had to rate the wines. Whoever rated them the most like I did won. 

Ring Hunt

The ring hunt. This is a popular one you see on Pinterest. 30 rings were hidden throughout the venue and whoever had the most won. A few of the rings were auto winners too.

Baby Face

Im not sure if this is hilarious or hideous but this is where guests created our “future kids” using different parts of my face and my fiancés. 

I decided which one I liked the most and they were the winners. 

Pin the Kiss on the Groom

This ones pretty self explanatory. There were kisses and mustaches and whoever got the closest won. 

Guess the corks

I don’t have a picture of this one but it was a jar filled with corks and guests had to guess how many. 

Nearly Weds

This was by far the best and most unique. My mom recorded my fiancé answering some questions and I had to guess his answers. It was so cute and awesome that we will have it forever. 

Check out link to the video to see 🙂


Okay so I was too busy socializing I didn’t eat any food! I heard it was amazing though. I’m sure it was as it was from Katzingers. 

In addition to sandwiches we also had a candy buffet, cupcakes and popcorn! 

Which reminds me I should definitely highlight some Decor and Details. 

When guests arrived there were mini wine glasses with chalk bottoms and chalk markers so that guests could write their names.

My mom also made these pins for all the bridesmaids,moms and grandmas to wear. She made a sash for myself. 

Even the pencils were detailed! 

One of the coolest parts though was walking up and seeing this sign. Another keepsake I’m looking forward to having. 

I had such an amazing time and I couldnt have done or asked for anything better! Thanks to my mom, maid of honor and bridesmaid (Amanda) for their work and dedication!!  


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