Shadow boxes

Wow it’s been awhile. I haven’t been on here but I’ve certainly been busy. 

A lot of my current wedding projects are surprises so here is a project I did over the weekend for my fiancès grandma. I’ve made one more before this so t was only my second attempt

Shadow boxes have become increasingly popular over the past year. I used my silhouette machine to cut out the paper roses and roll them but you can always just draw a spiral on a sheet of paper, cut it, roll it and it will look like a rose. 

We bought a pack of paper with 6 shades of red and I was nervous that it wouldn’t flow together because there was a huge variation between the dark and lightest shades but it ended up working.
What you need: 

Card stock – the amount is depending how big of a shadow box you have 

Shadow box


The process: 

  1. Cut your roses. I used a file purchased from the silhouette store for paper roses but as I mentioned above you can do this by just drawing and cutting yourself as well. 
  2.  Roll your roses. Some people like to use a quilling tool but I find that a pencil or skewer work just as well. – I like to roll my roses very very tight and then let them sit out on the table to expand for a bit. 
  3. Place roses in a line. You can have some fun with this and have them fade from dark to light or go diagonal. – I spent a LOT of time trying to make sure it was straight. After doing so I want to tell you to not waste your time doing so. The more flowers you put in the better. They will lay as needed.
  4. Line the back of the roses with a similar colored paper ( to avoid holes or empty spaces from showing) and place the back onto the shado box. 
  5. Place vinyl on the front. –  I did put it on the inside of the glass in my original design but I think I prefer it on the outside. 

This is an easy one and a gift that everyone will love! 

Or if you’re not up to the task, feel free to reach out if you are interested in purchasing one yourself! 

Here are some detail pictures of the process. 


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