Paper Flowers 

 I can’t show you *what* I’m doing with these yet but I wanted to do a post on how to make them. 

I’ll be sure to link to that post once I post the project and vice versa. 

You can use construction paper, printer paper, cardstock, whatever you want. Just remember that the thicker the paper the easier it will stay up. 

You don’t need a silhouette machine however it does make it easier. 

I made two types of petals and then made each one small, medium and large. You can have some fun with the shapes if you want. 

If you aren’t using a silhouette you’ll need to cut a “template” for each size petal and then trace it enough times to fill the page so that you are getting the maximum amount from each page. 

Once you’ve cut all of your petals you can start layering them or mixing and matching to create a flower you like. I did some with alternating petals, some with 3 color petals and even a few that are all one color. They all look great!! 

 These were the first ones I tried. I used cardstock and a glue stick. They seem to be holding up well. 

You will need about 5-6 petals (minimum) to complete each flower. 

Once you’ve chosen your pattern and have your petals laid out you will want to fold them each long ways so they are slightly bent and you have more definition. 

Now you just need to staple each petal at the bottom to the petal that it is next to and your done! 

It really is that easy and they can be used in many ways. Like I said I can’t tell you what I’m doing with them yet but they could be used for a photobooth back drop, wall decor, party decorations, etc. 


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