Photobooth Props. 

One of my goals this year was to blog once a week and I unfortunately missed one.  – So I’m here to catch up. I’ve found its kind of a hard task because I’ve been working on projects for my bridesmaids and I want to keep them a secret so I can’t put them up yet. 

One thing I can share is my photobooth. 

Photobooths have become a huge hit for all events over the years. I actually lived in an apartment complex in college that provided free beer by the pool every Thursday and they even had a photobooth there. 

Here’s a throwback to then:

I’ve been exploring options for the wedding and decided to do a DIY photo booth. I’m using the “dumpster couch” I posted about previously but havent figured out much else beyond that so I’ll do a full write up once that’s figured out. 

For now I’ll share the props. 

I received a silhouette cameo for Christmas and a ton of books of cardstock so I figured I would make some props for the photo booth.  You can always buy templates from the silhouette store or elsewhere online but I decided to go the free route and make my own. ( I did have a free credit to the store so I bought the “photo bomb” prop.)

I used Silhouette Studio to make the majority of them but there were a few that required more detail so I used Adobe Illustrator. 

All you need to do this is:

Silhouette Cameo


Glue gun 


I had a wine and fondue party awhile ago so luckily I had a ton of skewers at home. 

So like I said, this is super easy. You make up your designs on whatever software. Send it to the silhouette to cut, weed it and glue the cardstock to the skewer. 

Easy and free! One of my favorite projects so far. 

I also found this awesome suitcase to store the props in for a few bucks at a thrift store. 

 You will see that I used multiple colors for some. There’s so many options which is what makes this a fun project.

Here are some of the props I made:


Have any of you made your own photobooth or props? Any unique props  you recommend? 



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