Gooey Goodness. 

Ok so my first post isn’t going to be as much as a recipe as it is a suggestion.

We will classify it as a “quick bite”.

I just got over the flu and am too exhausted to blog the entire recipe of the meal we had tonight. So I’ll save that for later.
Now, everyone knows S’mores are delicious but have you tried them with Reese’s? If not you need to now.

S’mores are one of the foods I crave all year round. Luckily since I’m a grown up and I have a fondue set, I get to roast marshmallows on the stovetop at my leisure.

Yes. Forget the microwave.

You can achieve the perfect level of golden with this method.

Also notice we used our Reese’s Trees 😍
Try it and in the mean time  I’ll be back with a  yummy cheesy chicken recipe for you.


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