Dumpster Couch

Okay, so the title isn’t appealing but check out these couches (below) we happened to find in the dumpster while moving out of our apartment.  


Prior to finding the couches,  I saw a pin on Pinterest where someone painted their couch opposed to reupholstering it so I knew what I was doing as soon as I found these.  

I looked through several different blogs and found multiple methods so I decided to give it a try.

To do this you need paint ( I used paint for the interior of a home) and a fabric medium. 

We went to Lowes and got our paint. I think it was called “Caribbean Breeze” or something along those lines.  Then off to Hobby Lobby for the fabric medium. 

Now I’m not sure if this was just a popular craft at the time or what but Hobby Lobby was completely out. Then I went to Jo Ann’s and they only had two bottles in stock.  So I got the two bottles and decided to order the rest on Amazon. 

I used this Martha Stewart  Fabric Medium.  

I should also mention this is a time consuming process. Unless you have a big empty room this is a warm/nice weather project. 

How to paint a couch: 

  1. Make sure the fabric on the couch is clean. 
  2. Use a spray bottle or hose to dampen the fabric of the couch. 
  3. Mix your paint medium and paint. I did a 3:4 ratio using a cup to measure. – 3 cups of medium for 4 cups of paint. 
  4. Now paint the fabric. Use as little paint as possible and try to go with the grain of the fabric. 
  5. Our couches took 3 coats of paint before I was happy with the color.Make sure you let each coat dry completely before you start the next. 

And you’re done! As I said, it takes a long time. That’s because you have to wait so long for it to dry. 

I worked on them about a week total, maybe a little longer. 

Here are a few pics from the process. 

I still need to make the trim black but check out this before and after. 


We’re going to use the small one as the seat for our photobooth at our wedding and the larger for a lounge area. 

Yay for free wedding finds 👍🏼 They also happen to work perfectly in our living room too. 

A lot of people ask me if the couch is hard from the paint. The answer is yes but don’t let that stop you.  It’s not super hard to where it’s uncomfortable , it just feels stiff. Within less than a month they softened up a ton so the more you use them the more comfy, just like every other couch 😉


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